Gilbert Wondracek

Gilbert Wondracek


I am currently a research fellow at Iseclab and employed as a postdoc at the Vienna University of Technology. In 2006, I received a master's degree in computer science from the Vienna University of Technology, and joined the International Secure Systems Lab as a Ph.D. student. Additionally, I was awarded a master's degree in computer science management in 2008. In early 2010, I received my Ph.D. (highest distinction). My Ph.D. advisors were Christopher Kruegel (UC Santa Barbara) and Engin Kirda (Institute Eurecom, now Northeastern University, Boston). Also, I was lucky to be on the winning teams of the 2006 and 2012 UCSB iCTF security contest.
Since 12/2010, I also hold a certification as a CISSP.
More info on me on the web: Personal homepage (including links to press publications).

Professional Activities

Research Projects

Web-Defense: Defending Internet Users against web attacks (FWF project)
Spotlight: Einblicke in die Underground Economy (Netidee 2008 grant, project lead, finished)
TRUDIE: Trust Relationships in Underground IT Economies (FIT-IT project, started 10/2009, project lead, ongoing)


Currently, I advise a number of excellent students: Adrian Dabrowski, Christian Pfeifhofer, Nikola Ilo, Fabian Fischer, and Valentin Habsburg-Lothringen
Former Master's students: Hanno Fallmann, "Covertly Probing Underground Economy Marketplaces", 2010 (highest grade awarded), Thomas Otterbein, and Daniel Scheidle


You can reach me via mail gilbert_at_iseclab_org or via phone: +43-1-58801-18314
For confidential communication, my public PGP key can be found here.

Selected Publications

Social Snapshots: Digital Forensics for Online Social Networks
Markus Huber and Martin Mulazzani and Manuel Leithner and Sebastian Schrittwieser and Gilbert Wondracek and Edgar R. Weippl
Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), 2011.
Orlando, USA, December 2011.

Covertly Probing Underground Economy Marketplaces
Hanno Fallmann, Gilbert Wondracek, and Christian Platzer
Seventh Conference on Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment (DIMVA).
Bonn, Germany, July 2010.

Is the Internet for Porn? An Insight Into the Online Adult Industry
Gilbert Wondracek, Thorsten Holz, Christian Platzer, Engin Kirda, and Christopher Kruegel
Ninth Workshop on the Economies of Information Security (WEIS).
Harvard, USA, June 2010.
Article Slides.

A Practical Attack to De-Anonymize Social Network Users
Gilbert Wondracek, Thorsten Holz, Engin Kirda, and Christopher Kruegel
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy.
Berkeley, USA, May 2010.
Article Slides. Also presented at SOUPS 2010 as invited work.

Prospex: Protocol Specification Extraction
Paolo Milani Comparetti, Gilbert Wondracek, Christopher Kruegel, and Engin Kirda
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy.
Berkeley, USA, May 2009.
Article Slides. Bibtex.

Automatic Network Protocol Analysis
Gilbert Wondracek, Paolo Milani Comparetti, Christopher Kruegel, and Engin Kirda
Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS), Internet Society.
San Diego, USA, February 2008.
Article Slides. Bibtex.

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