Angelo P. E. Rosiello

Angelo P. E. Rosiello

General Information

Angelo P. E. Rosiello was born in Italy, on February, 1982. Angelo Rosiello received his Master degree cum laude in computer science engineering in 2006 from "Politecnico di Milano".
At the moment Angelo's main research interest in seclab is finding new anti-phishing approaches.

Professional Career Profile

Angelo Rosiello's professional career profile can be found here.
Visit my websites: Angelo Rosiello - ICT Security , Bakeka , Hotel Roma , Camping Gallipoli , Barzellette Divertenti , Hotel Malpensa , Annunci Affitti

List of Publications

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International Conferences

Symposium on Security for Asia Networks. (Syscan '06). "Writing behind a buffer". Singapore July 20-21st 2006.
NoCoNName '06. "Shadow Software Attacks". Palma de Maiorca 28-30th September 2006.
Net&System Security, CNR - Pisa. "Attacking Adjacent Memory Regions and Vulnerability Complexity Theory". October 18th October 2006 (Best paper award).
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ITUnderground Prague '07. "Antiphish: an Antiphishing browser plug-in based solution". Prague March 07-09th 2007.
Confidence '07. "Next Virus Generation: an Overview". Krakow May 12-13th 2007.
International Conference on Security and Privacy for Emerging Areas in Communication Networks (Securecomm '07). "A Layout-Similarity-Based Approach for Detecting Phishing Pages". Nice (France) September 2007.
ITUnderground Warsaw '07. "Design of a Synchronous Stream Cipher from Hash Functions". Warsaw November 9th 2007.


Currently working on the extension of AntiPhish.


Angelo can be reached under angelo at

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